Housing & Built Environment Group

Nick Pellew heads up the Housing Topic Group, and reports in to the Steering Group at their monthly meetings. Here, he gives us an insight into the group.

“The Housing Topic Group began in January 2012, as one of four groups on issues of interest. These topics were derived from research with the parishioners which was conducted by the Bray Parish Neighborhood Plan Steering Group.

About eight people volunteered – some during, and some after, the Launch events. All live within the Parish.

Initially we reviewed various council documents and maps to familiarise ourselves with the Borough Local plan, Strategic Housing Land Availability, Housing Needs Landscape Character, Conservation and Settlement areas, and the extent of the food plane, green belt, and crown estate as well as any existing developments and what the council call ‘promoted’ sites.

We have had considerable guidance and support from the Royal Borough in this aspect of the work.

We participated in survey work to get residents views on a number of housing related issues and the relative priority between them.

Based on this, we helped create an initial document with was used to try to elicit feedback from the Royal Borough and, as a result, held some further workshops across the Parish to try to clarify residents views on some of the points raised.

At the same time there have been some major changes to the political and planning environment which we have tried to keep abreast of, and the results of this are only now beginning to appear in planning policy documents.

We have now had 11 meetings and we are currently trying to pull together another draft document to form part of the Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan.”