Economy Group

I took over the Economy Topic Group following the initial period of consultations.  Following changes in Central Government legislation, and a review of progress by RBWM on their own new Local Plan, the challenges faced by the Economy Topic Group have become clearer.  Armed with this information we can now channel our efforts to address the key issues faced by those conducting business in Bray Parish.

The area has a large amount of agriculture and equestrian interests, plus other enterprises juggling with maintaining the requirements of mainly green belt locations and openness.  We also have many high quality hospitality businesses of which to be proud. Retail, engineering, office and light industrial are also hidden gems and will gain a voice within the plan.  As such we will be revisiting the issues local business feel are important which are influenced by Local Government such as use of land, buildings, accessibility, visibility and general support.

We are therefore seeking new members and will be approaching those closely involved in the local economy to join our existing team in drafting this section of the Neighbourhood Plan.

To this end businesses are welcome to contact me on 07980 540525 concerning the Group.

Jeff Remington