Countryside & Green Belt Group

The vast majority of the Parish comprises Green Belt, and this designation has played a crucial role in preventing the urbanisation of the area and maintaining the openness of our countryside – which has been identified by residents as a key priority for the Parish. It also maintains the availability of land for agriculture and other acceptable rural purposes.

The principal objectives of the Group are to:

·         maintain the existing Green Belt boundaries – although minor amendments may be considered where there is support from the local community

·         maintain and enhance the distinct character of our villages and recognised settlements, and in particular maintain the ‘gap’ between Windsor and Maidenhead (through enhanced protection if necessary)

·         preserve the green and leafy appearance of our surroundings for recreation and wellbeing, and identify opportunities for new wildlife sites to protect the diversity of our flora and fauna

·         encourage the use of ‘brownfield sites’ and possible re-use of redundant farm buildings, whilst recognising the need for a balanced policy regarding any residential development

·         protect and encourage the use of existing farmland and safeguard the openness and rural aspect of the area.

Martin Hall, Topic Group Leader.