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RBWM Borough Local Plan Regulation 19 Consultation

(closes at 5pm on Wednesday 27 September 2017)

The Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee who have been involved in local Planning issues since May 2011 are

Pro development, Pro having a BLP but Against this BLP

We are asking everyone in the Parish of Bray (and in the Royal Borough as well) to respond to this Consultation and we tell you how:

Why bother filling in yet another form when ‘they’ll’ only ignore it?

Well I’m sure they wouldn’t ignore it of course but just to make sure it’s an independent Examiner who reads it and reports what you say, anonymously.

If you don’t say then your future may be the future ‘they’ thought best for you.

Whose future is it to be? Yours or theirs?

Have your shout and make sure that you are heard!

Download our Advice and Guidance HERE which tells you how to get hold of a copy of the Plan, what to consider in your Response and how to submit your Comments to RBWM.

Responses must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 27 September 2017. That means if you are posting your response then the last postal date is Monday 25th September 2017.

Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version

The submission version of the Bray Neighbourhood Local Plan is available to view online and at the Parish Office in hard copy. Bray Parish Council, on behalf of the parish council and the steering group, has submitted a neighbourhood plan for the Bray neighbourhood area.

The plan aims to manage the development coming forward in the neighbourhood area to better reflect the wishes of the community in the area and to take greater account of what makes the area special to the community. It sets out a number of objectives for the area and planning policies to guide future development and to help determine planning applications in the area.

Click here to see the announcement poster.

Bray Neighbourhood Plan. Your Villages, Your Say

The Localism Bill 2011 gives us the opportunity to work with planners on the future size and shape of our villages, and deliver our vision for Bray Parish:


  • To retain and protect the distinct character of our villages and maintain the separation between them, by preserving the Green Belt and fauna and flora for recreation and wellbeing
  • To respond to the housing needs of our communities by sympathetic development
  • To enhance the rural economy
  • To improve road safety and facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, car users and horse riders
  • Be a precious place to live – and a community that welcomes visitors



What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Find out more from this nice little video on YouTube.

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Pre-Submission Consultation

The Pre-Submission Consultation begins on the 18th May. Read more >

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